A leading software company providing sector-specific software solutions for manufacturers.

About Revalize Software

Revalize was formed in 2021, following the merging of five leading software companies that each contain storied experience providing sector- specific software solutions for manufacturers.

What were they looking for?

In order to handle all of their design requirements for branding, digital assets, social platforms, print media, and UI/UX, Revalize was searching for an agency.


Talented team members at Grazzine who excel in their respective disciplines make them an excellent choice to manage this massive project.

Due to our location in India, we offer service to Revalize during their regular work hours to prevent project delays.

Syed Zaid Iqbal, our founder, and CEO oversees our designers to ensure that tasks are completed as agreed upon with the customer.

Revalize continues to receive work from Grazzine’s extraordinarily gifted team.

What they think

- Ruben Mier Senior Vice President
Revalize Software

" Grazzine is a powerhouse. Not only they are a top-notch designing agency but also incredible at collaborating and team player skills. They will always go the extra mile to ensure pure quality in every project they deliver. I would 10/10 recommend Grazzine to any agency or business that is in need of any kind of visual/graphic design projects. "

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